The Walking With Series was shown on the discovery channel and still is along with Animal


Planet. The series was an educational documentary on prehistoric animals and the life of early homo sapiens. The creatures in the series were mostly computer generated animations on real world backrounds, and close-ups of certain body parts (mouth, arm, leg, ect.) were usually scale models or manipulated puppets, usually heads. There were three subseries:

The first was Walking with Dinosaurs, made in 1999, which followed the time of the dinosaurs from Coelophysis in the Triassic to Tyrannosaurus in the Cretaceous. Also had four specials, 1 about an Allosaurus named Al and three hosted by time traveling zoologist Nigel Marven. The second was Walking with Beasts, made in 2001, that showed what evolved after the dinosaurs like Gastornis, Basilosaurus, Smilodon and Humans. The third was Walking with Monsters, made in 2005, that showed what came before the dinosaurs from the "rebirth" of Earth to a little two-legged reptile named Euparkeria that would change the world.

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