Vulpavus ovatus
Name Vulpavus ovatus
Order Carnivoramorpha
Family Miacidae
Class Mammalia
Period Early-Mid Eocene epoch of the Cenozoic Era
Location North America, Europe
Diet Omnivore
Length 60-90 cm (2-3 feet)

Vulpavus is an extinct genus of Miacidae.


Vulpavus is an ancient primitive carnivore belonging to the Miacines that lived in the Paleocene and Eocene epochs becoming extinct 34 million years ago. Vulpavus was the first Miacine and was probably the ancestors of all modern carnivores. Different kinds of them were living in the trees or on the ground. Miacids divided into two groups: Miacines (with the full molars) and Viverravines (with a reduced number of molars and more specialized carnivorous teeth). Vulpavus representing the Miacines, was a rather primitive predator, and looks like a lemur or a monkey, with a small body and long tail. It ate everything that it could catch including birds, insects and small mammals.