• These days, (nearly) no one takes dinosaur seriously. People, even if they DO know that dinosaurs exist, still look at them as pop culture or legendary monsters. Honestly, it annoys me when people still say they know everything about dinosaurs, but instead talk about dinosaurs being huge lizards that walked on two legs, or about "flying dinosaurs" or "water dinosaurs". Of course, a few dinosaurs perhaps glided, and a few swam, but that's not what people mean. I find it fine when movies or any other type of pop culture modify dinosaurs to make them "more threatening", but people should at least know about the general layout. I mean, we learn chemistry, zoology, botany, and a whole lot of other sciences, so why not palaeontology. But that doesn't annoy me, like I said. What annoys me is when people think they know everything about dinosaurs, but in truth, they know as good as nothing. Some have already called me crazy, and I wouldn't disagree. But do you agree with what I'm saying? (No hostility intended)

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