• Paleozoology right? We learn we teach we edit, but have you thought why? What makes us study? Why our lives are now depending on it? Why we are learning? Perhaps even I don't know this answer. We all have a curiosity to know everything, even if we couldn't know everything. This curiosity has driven us to discover islands, planets, moons, animals and whatever you can think of. But remember what YOU could think of. No one wants to know the truth. That's why it is called bitter. You or anyone have you ever think of how much we know? If you see in space, beneath the earth and if you discover EVERYTHING our learnings will be equal to nothing. Still if we couldn't know everything there is always a light of hope in our mind. Perhaps one day we will know everything, but that day is far way. But we will never stop learning. That is our speciality, that is why we are called homo, that is why we learn.

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