• Step 1:  According to clients' special request, before production starts, we -discuss until everything is confirmed!

    Step 2:  Take Brachiosaurus for example, we will make a design before production. And then produce totally based on that.

    Step 3:  We make Animatronic Dinosaur's Mechanical Metal Frame parts. Which is international stardard, ensure it's good quality.

    Step 4:  So far, we use high density foam for our Animatronic Dinosaur, Animatronic Animal skin.

    Step 5:  Sculpture. Our professional artist has over 10 years' experience to do this kind of job. All of our Animatronic Dinosaur's appearance is based on fossil unearthed. What's more, our artists are working with Scientist in Dinosaur Museum.

    Step 6:  Texture. Important part, it's connected whether the dinosaur is realistic or not!

    Step 7:  Silicone. For the skin of each dinosaur, we use three times of silicone, which enable our Animatronic Dinosaur, Animatronic Animal can be displayed outdoor. It's ok of Sunproof, Waterproof, Snowproof etc......

    Step 8:  Painting. After painting, realistic dinosaur is alive in front of you.

    Our main market is for Dinopark, Amusement Park, Theme Restaurant, Science Museum, Exhibition, Shopping Centre etc.......

    We will export animatronic dinosaur and animatronic animal models approximately 2000 pcs annually, the export markets spread over 30 countries.

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