Why do some people think dinosaurs don't exist?

  • Whenever I see or hear someone say that dinosaurs don't exist, it drives me nuts. One person tells everyone that dinosaurs are too big to exist (Blue Whale is about 98 ft. It is the largest animal alive today. It's impossible that dinosaurs existed because dinosaurs are too big? Complete nonsense) Another has his own YouTube Channel and say's that Yutyrannus and other feathered dinosaurs don't exist and are all made in China. He even say's that Tropeognathus doesn't exist, was made in China, and is a dinosaur, when it is really a PTEROSAUR, was discovered in BRAZIL, and was not even made in China as there is no proof and the people of China never said that they MADE the pterosaur! In fact, he thinks that Tropeognathus was fake and was a dinosaur because of that one episode of Dinosaur Revolution! 

    Go onto "Bing Search", type "Why do some people think that dinosaurs don't exist?" and you'll be amazed at the amount of people that don't think that dinosaurs are real. Why, I ask, just why, do these people think that they don't exist even with the amount of fossils found? 

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