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Page 187 (The Lost World, 1912)

The group encountering Iguanodon

The Lost World was a fictional Victorian - era novel, the creation of the erstwhile Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, much acclaimed for his creation of the great detective Sherlock Holmes. The novel, set in a great jungle in some far - flung corner of the world, detailed a search party of four men, them being professor Challenger, professor Summerlee, Lord Roxton and a Daily Gazette reporter Edward Malone, around whom the story revolves. the story begins with Malone, seeking to impress his sweetheart Gladys, is sent to interview professor Challenger, a rather withdrawn man with a formidable temper. After a fierce battle of wills between the two men, the professor having displayed his contempt for journalists in the most aggressive manner possible, the mood softens, with the professor disclosing information regarding a certain voyage to a large plateau upon which he claimed all manner of prehistoric animals, such as Stegosaurus, Iguanodon and Megalosaurus, could be observed. After the enlistment of several other adventurers, including the great poacher Lord Roxton, as well as Challenger's greatest rival, professor Summerlee, the troupe depart for the jungle. After a great many more adventures, such as Pterosaur attacks, treachery from local guides and raids by primitive hominids, the band eventually manage to escape from the plateau. upon arrival, they are met with great scepticism, and so Challenger proposes a great assembly, attended by both laymen and scientists alike, in which alive specimen of pterosaur is unveiled to the public, only to escape through a badly closed window. Malone then seeks out his sweetheart, only to find that she has taken the name of Potts and is otherwise engaged. with nothing keeping him in England, he agrees to voyage back to the plateau with Lord Roxton.

Animals featuredEdit


Page 59 (The Lost World 1912)

Encounter with Stegosaurus

Other extinct reptilesEdit

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Creatures outside the PlateauEdit

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