Name Texacephale
Order Ornitischia
Suborder Pachycephalosauria
Class Pachycephalosauridae
Name Translation Texas+Head
Period Late Cretaceous
Location Texas
Diet Herbivore

Texacephale is a genus of basal pachycehalosaurid from the Campanain stage of the late Cretaceous.

Discovery Edit

The holotype specimen of Texacephale, LSUMNS 20010, is composed of fused frontals and parietals. A second specimen, LSUMNS 20012, is composed of an incomplete frontoparietal dome. According to the team, the fossilized dome of the animal possessed a pair of flanges on the sides of the skull. The team interpreted these structures as "gears" that would help deal with stress on the bone during head-butting,a hypothetical behavior that has been challenged by other authors in recent years.