Suchosaurus Cultridens
Suchosaurus Cultridens ("Crocodile lizard") is a dubious genus of spinosaurid. Known only from 2 teeth, Suchosaurus ("Crocodile lizard") is possibly the same species as its close relative, Baryonyx walkeri. It was also originally classed as a species of crocodilian when it was first discovered due to the similarity between their skulls. Two possible species have been identified, S.cultridens and S. girardi. The tooth of S. girardi resembled those of Baryonyx so much that it has been classed as a junior synonym which means that it is actually Baryonyx Girardi, which only leaves one species of Suchosaurus left. This would mean that Baryonyx's range would expand and it would have a more detailed life cycle.
Suchosaurus cultridens by teratophoneus-d4wz4el

Suchosaurus drawing

This creature was a fairly average sized European spinosaur. Reaching up to anywhere between 7 and 9 metres long and 2-3 metres tall and weighing 1-2 tons. This creature would have been piscivorous in its feeding habits meaning that it primarily ate fish. This is because of its elongated snout, many conical teeth and its close relative Baryonyx walkeri being a confirmed fish eater. This creature lived in early cretaceous England where it would have been one of the large carnivores due to the limited amounts of dinosaurs there.

250px-Suchosaurus teeth

The two teeth

This spinosaur would have definitely been in the sub-family baryonychinae because of its striking similarity to the mentioned genus. This would make it distant from spinosaurus because it might have lacked a sail or had a very small one. Other members of baryonychinae would include Cristatusaurus Lapparenti, Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis, Ichthyovenator laosensis, Suchomimus tenerensis and Baryonyx walkeri.