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Stygimoloch skull
Name Stygimoloch
Order Ornithischia
Suborder Marginocephalia
Class Homalocephalidae
Name Translation Nothing; reference to Styx, the river that runs through the underworld in Greek Mythology, and Moloch, a Canaanite god.
Period Late Cretaceous (65 million years ago)
Location United States (Montana)
Diet Herbivore

Stygimoloch was a small pachycephalosaur that lived in the late Cretaceous, 65 million years ago. The only present species is Stygimoloch spinifer.

Stygimoloch looked similar to Pachycephalosaurus except that it had horn-like projections sticking out of it's skull. It probably fed on tough plant matter and horn to horn battle with each other.

This dinosaur measured about 10 feet long and bore a thick skull that was decorated with six large spikes that covered the top rim of its head. This may have served the dinosaur as a display of recognition, helping the dinosaur to identify its companions. It was a plant-eater and it lived in herds for protection from predators such as Tyrannosaurus, Dromaeosaurus, and Gorgosaurus. Males would often challenge one another to battle, either for females with which to mate, or for supremacy in the herd.It was previously thought that, like goats, they would butt heads with each other until one weakened and backed off, leaving the victor to choose a female or to lead a herd.

However, the lack of apparent cranial damage exhibited by recent fossil discoveries has given rise to the hypothesis that they did not actually butt heads with other members of the herd. Some conjecture that Stygimoloch headbutted other dinosaurs in their much softer underbelly regions, as a measure of self-defense against predation.

Popular Media

  • Stygimoloch appeared in a Disney Film Dinosaur.
  • It also appeared in the arcade video game DinoRex as a playable dinosaur.
  • It also appears in Jurassic Park Warpath.
  • Stygimoloch appeared in Dinosaurs Decoded.
  • Stygimoloch is featured in Dino Dan.
  • It also appears in Dinosaur Train.



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