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Temporal range: Miocene-Pleistocene
A life restoration of Stegodon
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Proboscidea
Family: Stegodontidae
Genus: Stegodon
Falconer, 1847
Referred species
  • Stegodon aurorae
    (Matsumoto, 1918)
  • Stegodon elephantoides
    (Clift, 1828)
  • Stegodon florensis
    (Hooijer, 1957)
  • Stegodon ganesha
    (Faloner & Cautley, 1846) (type)
  • Stegodon kaisensis
    (Hopwood, 1939)
  • Stegodon luzonensis
    (von Koenigswald, 1956)
  • Stegodon miensis
    (Matsumoto, 1941)
  • Stegodon mindanensis
    (Naumann, 1890)
  • Stegodon orientalis
    (Owen, 1870)
  • Stegodon sompoensis
    (Hooijer, 1964)
  • Stegodon sondaari
    (van den Bergh, 1999)
  • Stegodon trigonocephalus
    (Martin, 1887)
  • Stegodon zdanskyi
    (Hopwood, 1935)

Stegodon was a species of elephant that was directly related to modern elephants.  It lived in Eocene Africa.

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