Name Sauronithoides
Order Saurischia
Suborder Theropoda
Class Dinosauria
Period Late Cretaceous (83-65 mya)
Location Asia
Diet Carnivore

Saurornithoides was a troodontid maniraptoran dinosaur that lived in the Mongolia in the late Cretaceous period 83-65 MYA. It was found in the Djadochta Formation of Mongolia. It was closely related to Troodon and other Troodontids and probably acted much like them.

Popular Culture Edit

Saurornithoides appeared in Planet Dinosaur, where a mother was out hunting, while an Oviraptorid was taking one of its eggs, but when it came back, a Gigantoraptor came and killed the Saurornithoides.

It also appears The Last Day Of The Dinosaurs. It was a reused model of Clash Of The Dinosaur's Deinonychus (rather inaccurately, as Saurornithoides was slenderer than Deinonychus).