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Rhomaleosaurus BW
Name Rhomaleosaurus
Class Sauropsida
Order Plesiosauria
Suborder Pliosauroidea
Family Rhomaleosauridae
Period Early Jurassic
Location Seas that covered Europe
Diet Mostly fish
Length 7 meters

Rhomaleosaurus was a genus of carnivorous marine reptiles, belonging to the suborder of Pliosauroidea and the family of Rhomaleosauridae. Rhomaleosaurus thrived during the Early Jurassic Period and lived on a diet that consisted of fish and some large marine reptiles and dinosaurs. Like most members of the Pliosauroidea suborder, commonly referred to as pliosaurs, Rhomaleosaurus was large with a short neck and a big head. It also had sharp teeth for catching and tearing its prey, along with four large flippers that were specifically designed for quick acceleration. Rhomaleosaurus was a fairly large species of pliosaur, reaching about seven meters in total body length. Although the Rhomaleosaurus' neck was too short to have it categorized as being anything but a pliosaur, its neck was considerably longer than that of many pliosaurs. Some refer to Rhomaleosaurus as being the stage in-between Pliosaurs and the longer-necked plesiosaurs such as the Elasmosaurs.

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