Rhinoceros is a group of five modern odd-toed ungulates (Perissodactyls) from the family Rhinocerotidae. Rhinos have at least one large horn on their head.  This horn is made of hardened hair, not bone. Animals that looks like rhinos but are not rhinos are Dinoceratas like Uintatherium, Embrithopods like Arsinoitherium or Brontotheres like Brontotherium and Embolotherium.

Common MembersEdit

Common members include CadurcodonCoelodonta, Diceratherium, Dicerorhinus, Elasmotherium, Hyrachyus, Hyracodon, Indricotherium, Juxia, Meninatherium, Menoceras, MetamynodonTeleoceras, and Trigonias.

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