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A drawing of Puertasaurus Reuili.

Puertasaurus was a large titanosaurid sauropod which lived during the late Cretaceous. It lived in what is now Patagonia, South America. The type species, Puertasaurs reuli, was named after Pablo Puerta and Santiago Reuil, who discovered the specimen in January 2001. It is based on a partial spinal column: a neck vertebra, a back vertebra, and two tail vertibrae. 

At 30 m long, it was one of the biggest tinosaurs, (though Argentinosaurus, at 30–32.5 m long, may have been even bigger), and weighing in at around 75 tonnes it was one of the heaviest, too. However, the original estimates of 35–40 m and 80–100 tonnes, would place as the largest land animal to ever exist (aside from unconfirmed sauropods, like Amphicoelias).

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