Name Presbyornis
Order Anseriformes
family Presbyornithidae
Class Aves
Name Translation Elderly Bird
Period Tertiary, Quintiary? (65 mya-now?)
Location North America, Australasia, Uruguay
Diet Filter food (small plants and animals)
Length 3 ft (1 m) long and 5 ft (1.5 m) tall.
Presbyornis was one of the first anseriforms. Because of its long legs and neck, Presbyornis was initially mistaken for a flamingo, but it was reclassified as an anseriform when the duck-like anatomy of its skull and bill was found. Later, it was believed to represent a transitional stage between the anseriforms and the shorebirds, but it is now considered a member of an extinct group of anseriforms which was most closely related to ducks and geese. Judging from numerous fossil findings, Presbyornis is presumed to have lived in colonies around shallow lakes. Its broad, flat bill was used to filter food (small plants and animals) from the water, in the manner of today's dabbling ducks.
Presbyornis at DAK

Presbyornis at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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