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Name Orodromeus
Order Ornithoscelida
Class Ornithopoda
Name Translation Mountain runner
Period Late Cretaceous (76.7 MYA)
Location Canada (Manitoba)


Diet Omnivore
Size 2.5 metres
Date of Discovery 1988

Orodromeus was an Ornithopod that lived in late Cretaceous North America..

Description Edit

Orodromeus was a fast and small, eight foot ominvore that existed during the Cretaceous period. Herbivore- ate about 17lbs of food per day It had a long tail, long, skinny legs, and short arms. Its legs allowed it to run fast, and were used to escape larger predators.

In the Media Edit

  • Orodromeus was seen in Dinosaur Planet in the third episode. However, it is correctly depicted living alongside Stenonychosaurus (called Troodon) in the episode.
  • Orodromeus also was featured in the video game The Isle. It is the most accurate Orodromeus so far.