Mesohippus II
Name Mesohippus
Period Eocene(40- 30 mya)
Location North America
Diet Herbivore
Length 1.1 meters long (3 feet)

Mesohippus is a species of horse from Eocene 30-40 MYA in South Dakota, USA.

Description Edit

This zebra- like animal was 1.1 meters long(3 feet). It was very much like a pony. Like modern horses, Mesohippus had a long snout with a gap between its front and cheek teeth.

Number Edit

There were a dozen of different kinds of this animal. It lived beside its later relative, Miohippus, at the end of the epoch. It and Miohppus died out at the same time.

Books Edit

This horse has been mentioned in Prehistoric.

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