Temporal range: Asselian
220px-Megarachne BW.jpg
A restoration of Megarachne servinei
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Merostomata
Order: Eurypterida
Family: Mycteroptidae
Genus: Megarachne
Hünicken, 1980
Species: M. servinei
Binomial name
Megarachne servinei
Hünicken, 1980
Megarachne is a genus of freshwater eurypterid from the Carboniferous period of Argentina. It is one of the few eurypterids that is known to live in freshwater. It was originally believed to be a species of giant spider, the largest to ever exist. However, a reevaluation of the fossil revealed that it was actually a species of sea scorpion.



Outdated and incorrect reconstruction of Megarachne servinei as a giant spider in Walking with Monsters

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