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Carnufex, name meaning "butcher", is an extinct genus of crocodylomorph that existed during the late Triassic period in what is now North America. This animal was discovered in Carnian-age rock in the Pekin Formation.

Only known by the species Carnufex carolinensis, which means "Carolina butcher", it was described in 2015 by Zanno et al.. It is known from the holotype skull and skeleton NCSM 51228 and the referred humerus NCSM 21623. (Read more...)

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Recent scientific research has concluded that Brontosaurus is once again its own genus. Scientists claim that there are substantial differences between it and Apatosaurus to separate them. A Guardian report can be found here.
A university student has discovered the first animal fossil to be found in Hong Kong. The discovery of this animal, Paralycoptera, in Hong Kong may lead to bigger discoveries, such as dinosaurs. A South China Morning Post report can be found here.
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