Macroplata BW
Macroplata was a relatively small genus of carnivorous marine reptiles that belonged to the suborder of Pliosauroidea and the family of Rhomaleosauridae. Macroplata was a medium-sized variety of pliosaur, and only reached about 4.5 meters in total body length. Macroplata lived during the Early Jurassic Period and had a diet that consisted of fish and smaller marine reptiles or sea creatures. Unlike some of the larger varieties of pliosaur, Macroplata was unable to take down large prey such as elasmosaurs and ichthyosaurs. Only two species are included in the genus. They are Macroplata tenuiceps, the type species, which lived during the Hettangian age (early Jurassic) and Macroplata longirostris, which lived during the Toarcian age. In 2011, M. longirostris became a new species of Hauffiosaurus, so "M. longirosis" is now "H. longirosis".

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