Madagascar rel 2003
List of Dinosaurs of India and Madagascar

This list contains dinosaurs that were found in Madagascar and India, in alphabetical order.

A Year Named Type Found

Alwalkeria 1994, Theropod, Maleri Formation, India

Archaeodontosaurus 2005, Sauropod, Madagascar


Barapasaurus 1975, Sauropod, Godavari Formation, India

Bothriospondylus 1875, Sauropod, Madagascar

Brachypodosaurus 1934, Ankylosaur, Lameta Formation, India

Bruhathkayosaurus 1989, Sauropod, Kallemedu Formation, India


Coeluroides 1932, Theropod, Lameta Formation, India

Compsosuchus 1933, Theropod India


Dandakosaurus 1982, Theropod, Andhra Pradesh, India

Dryptosauroides 1933, Theropod, Lameta Formation, India


Indosaurus 1933, Theropod, Lameta Formation, India

Indosuchus 1933 Theropod, Lameta Formation, India

Isisaurus 2003, Sauropod, India


Jainosaurus 1995, Sauropod, Lameta Formation, India

Jaklapallisaurus 2011, Prosauropod, Andhra Pradesh, India

Jubbulpuria 1933, Theropod, Lameta Formation, India


Kotasaurus 1988, Sauropod, Kota Formation, India


Laevisuchus 1933, Theropod, Lameta Formation, India

Lametasaurus 1921, Theropod, Lameta Formation, India

Lamplughsaura 2007, Prosauropod, Dharmaram Formation, India and Madagascar

Lapparentosaurus 1986, Sauropod, Isalo 3 Formation, Madagascar


Majungasaurus 1955, Theropod, Madagascar

Masiakasaurus 2001, Theropod, Madagascar


Nambalia 2011, Prosauropod, Andhra Pradesh, India

O Year Named Type Found

Ornithomimoides 1933, Theropod, India

Orthogoniosaurus 1931, Theropod, Lameta Formation, India

P Year Named Type Found

Pradhania 2007, Prosauropod, Dharmaram Formation, India

R Year Named Type Found

Rahiolisaurus 2010, Theropod, Lameta Formation, India

Rahonavis 1998, Theropod, Mahajanga Province, Madagascar

Rajasaurus 2003, Theropod, Lameta Formation, India

Rapetosaurus 2001, Sauropod, Madagascar

T Year Named Type Found

Titanosaurus 1877, Sauropod, India

Article by Brian Tinnon 11/22/11

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