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The "Land of the Lost" Wallpaper

Land of the Lost is a 2009 comedy-adventure movie directed by Brad Silberling and starring Will Ferrell. It's based on the show with the same name.


Dr. Rick Marshall, Holly and Will gets into a black hole and goes back in time to a world of dinosaurs, monkey-humans and other creatures. There is two antagonists in the movie, a T-Rex and a human-like lizard creature that wants to take over the world. Of course, there is other creatures that goes against our heroes.

Dinosaurs seen in the movie

The most shown dinosaur in the movie is Tyrannosaurus Rex. There is some more carnivore species, but almost no herbivores. Pteranodon also makes an appearence, it's not a dinosaur, but a prehistoric flying reptile. The animals seen in the movie are:

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