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Lamplughsaura BW
Name Lamplughsaura
Order Saurischia
Suborder Sauropodmorpha
Class Sauropodisa
Name Translation Lamplugh's lizard
Period Early Jurassic
Location India
Diet Plants

Lamplughsaura is a genus of Saurischian dinosaur from the Sinemurian-age (Early Jurassic) Dharmaram Formation of India, between 196 to 190 million years ago. The type species is L. dharmaramensis. It is known from several partial skeletons of a large quadrepedal animal up to 10 meters (33 ft) long, and was either a basal sauropod or, less likely, a more basal Sauropodomorph. It was named after Pamela Lamplugh, founder of the Indian Statistical Institute.

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