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Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Creatures and HybridsEdit

All dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures and hybrids available to create.

Land CreaturesEdit

Name Unlocked (in market) by Class Rarity Buying Cost (DNA) Hatching time (h:m:s) Market Card
Triceratops Already unlocked Herbivore Common 100 00:02:00
Majungasaurus Beating battle stage 1 Carnivore Common 110 00:03:00
Alanqa Beating battle stage 2 Pterosaur Common 120 00:08:00
Limnoscelis Beating battle stage 3 Amphibian Common 130 00:10:00
Argentinosaurus Beating battle stage 4 Herbivore Common 160 00:15:00
Diplodocus Beating battle stage 5 Herbivore Rare 750 03:33:00
Tropeognathus Beating battle stage 6 Pterosaur Common 180 00:06:00
Utahraptor Beating battle stage 7 Carnivore Common 200 00:30:00
Carnotaurus Beating battle stage 8 Carnivore Rare 740 03:22:00
Labyrinthodontia Beating battle stage 9 Amphibian Common 130 00:18:00
Bananogmius Win the Bananogmius tournament. Cave Legendary 9000 15 days and 17 hours.

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