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Name Indosuchus
Order Saurischia
Suborder Theropoda
Class Abelisauridae
Name Translation Indian Crocodile
Period Late Cretaceous
Location India
Diet Meat
Size 6 m (20 ft) long

Indosuchus was a genus of large carnivorous dinosaur, perhaps one of the abelisaurids. It was not identified as dinosaur when its scattered remains were first discovered, but it wasn't until much later that this creature was reconstructed as a species of large theropod. It was discovered in the Lameta Formation of southern India.


Indosuchus walking on rocks

Indosuchus walking on rocks

was a close relative of other abelisaurids, such as Abelisaurus from South America and Majungasaurus from Madagascar. It possibly grew to a size of 6 meters (20 feet) long. Because only some skull material was found, Indosuchus placement has been somewhat erratic. As the remains are fragmentary, it is difficult to assess whether Indosuchus is identical to other poorly known theropods from the Lameta Formation like Indosaurus. Though, the discovery of other abelisaurids like Carnotaurus has helped clarify its position.
Indosuchus raptorius

Indosuchus raptorius

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