Horses are odd-toed ungulates called Equidae.  They have been around for 50 million years and started out as small mammals running around in the jungles of the early Tertiary.  As the jungles disappeared and plains took over, the horses became more specialized to running through the open fields and grazing.

Common MembersEdit

Common members include Allohippus, Anchitherium,  Equus Caballus Gmelini, Equus GiganteusEquus OccidentalisEquus Simplicidens, Hypohippus, Hyracotherium, Merychippus, Mesohippus, Neohipparion, Onohippidium, Palaeotherium, Pliohippus, ProboscidipparionPropalaeotherium, and the Quagga.

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