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Name Homalocephale
Order Ornithischia
Suborder Marginocephalia
Class Reptilia
Name Translation Even head
Period Late Cretaceous
Location Ásia (Mongólia)
Diet Herbivore
Size 9,84 ft (3 m)

As its names suggests, homalocephale had a flat head, unlike most other dinosaurs in the pachycephalosauridae family. It’s based on limited material, but of good quality. The only homalocephale’s skull available doesn’t have the frontal portion of the snout, but it’s complete. The skull proofs that the reptile’s head was flat and stiff. The rear was tall and fell slowly to the neck. The skull’s sides were lightly stiff than normal, and expanded.


800px-Homalocephale body

The top, like cheek’s region and rear, showed spurs, knobs and bony ridges. Greats oculars open likely means that homalocephale, like others pachycephalosauridae, had a good sight.

Scientists were able to extract others informations of the homalocephale’s skull. There was a large area for the olfactory nerve. The size of the área suggests that homalocephale had a good nose.

Homalocephale’s teeth shows waste, like it chew much. Probably it’s diet consisted on leaf, without many fruits.

The most important information maybe are the ones provided by homalocephale’s skeleton. From the skeleton, we inferred that its chest, belly and pelvis were extremely large, maybe to shelter the venter needed for an herbivore’s diet.

In the media

Homalocephale appears in the game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. The game suggests that the animal was a pachycephalosaurus friend.


Homalocephale’s anatomy also provides information about its behavior. The flat head and skull’s rear projection may have been ornamental. May also have served for header fight, in which the males tested forces and disputed females and territory. The spine would be positioned horizontally, which would be expected if the animal would strike.

Related Dinosaurs

Other flat headed pachycephalosauridae related to homalocephale are wannanosaurus, of China, and goyocephale, of Mongolia.


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