Gryphoceratops (Greek for "Griffin horned face"); pronounced GRIFF-oh-SEH-rah-tops lived in Woodlands of North America in Late Cretaceous (38 million years ago). It was 60 cm long and ate plants. It was small and had horny jaws. Not all the ceratopsians—horned, frilled dinosaurs—that prowled North America during the late Cretaceous period were giants like Triceratops. Witness the newly discovered Gryphoceratops, which measured a bare two feet from head to tail and didn't have boast any of the elaborate ornamentation of its larger, more famous cousins. (What Gryphoceratops did have in common with Triceratops and its ilk was its tough, horny beak, which it used to clip off equally tough vegetation.) The smallest ceratopsian yet discovered in North America (it was dug up very close to Canada's Dinosaur Provincial Park), Gryphoceratops was closely related to the equally "basal" Leptoceratops.

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