Scientific classification
Goyocephale is a genus of Pachycephalosaursaurid dinosaur which lived during the Late Cretaceous period. It lived in what is now Mongolia.

Goyocephale probably weighed 10–40 kg. The type species, Goyocephale lattimorei, was formally described by Perle, Maryañska, and Osmólka (1982) from an incomplete skull, mandibles, and fragmentary postcranial material. The skull, which is nearly the same size as the holotype skulls of Homalocephale calathocercos and Prenocephale prenes, has many features in common with the former (a flat skull roof, well-developed supratemporal fenestrae, and nodal ornamentation). However, the proportions of G. lattimorei differentiate it from Homalocephale.

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