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Scientific classification
Gastornis or Diatryma (Gaston's bird) was a giant bird as tall as a man and lived in the Paleocene and Eocene periods in the early Cenozoic where its fossils have been found in Europe and North America.

Gastornis was related to cranes and not phorusrhacids as commonly believed. At first, it was thought to be a carnivore, but now we know it is more likely to have been either a herbivore or an omnivore mainly due to the fact that it did not have a curved beak, a feature that most predatory birds had.

Gastornis Adult Evo 1

Popular CultureEdit

  • Gastornis or Diatryma made it's 1st Stop Motion appearance The Ghost of Slumber Mountain.
  • It also appeared in one of the episodes of animated action show Valley of the Dinosaurs by Hanna-Barbera.
  • It appeared in the Stop Motion short documentary film Age of Mammals in the 1980S.
  • Gastornis or Diatryma made it's 1st CG Documentary appearance The 1st episode of Walking With Prehistoric Beasts.
  • It made It's 2nd CG Documentary appearance in Life After Dinosaurs.
  • Gastornis or Diatryma have been seen in almost all the Ice Age Films.