Fasolasuchus vs. Lessemsaurus

Fasolasuchus (on the left) attacking Lessemsaurus (on the right).

Fasolasuchus size
Fasolasuchus is the largest Rauisuchian that ever lived. It reached the length of 8–10 metres long and weighed 3 tons. Fasolasuchus lived 220-205 million years ago In Triassic South America. It's name means Fasola Crocodile. Like Saurosuchus it had rows of teeth. Its fossils date back at the Rhaetian stage of the Triassic 220-205 million years ago in the Late Triassic. The less powerful Herrerasaurus and Eoraptor would have been a light snack to the powerful Fasolasuchus. It lived in Argentina where its fossils were found. Its skull is the only part of it discovered so far. This carnivore was the largest non-bipedal and non-dinosaurian land predator ever.

It weighed more than today's largest terrestrial carnivores the polar bear, grizzly bear and the siberian tiger combined.

Fasolasuchus by hodarinundu-d2yjoi0

Fasolasuchus was unique among rauisuchians in that It only had one single row of dorsal osteoderms or scutes where others like Postosuchus have many.

Its bite force would have been tremendous because it follows the same formula as T. rex in terms of design. This would have allowed it to bite through bone and armor of its prey.

Trivia Edit

This is the biggest non-dinosaurian land carnivore ever. Beating out contestants like the Cenozoic Entelodont Daeodon, the giant sheep relative Andrewsarchus and the giant Short-faced bears.

This creature would also size up to some of the biggest land carnivores because Fasolasuchus was up to 10 metres long and the mighty T. rex itself measures up to 12 metres. Others include Mapusaurus, Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus and Suchomimus. These animals all measures up from 11 to 14 metres in length. Spinosaurus would still contend if it were a land carnivore but recent studies show that is was primarily aquatic.