Name Ekrixinatosaurus
Order Saurischia
Suborder Theropoda
Class Abelisauridae
Name Translation Explosion-Born Lizard
Period Early Cretaceous
Location South America
Diet Meat
Size 22 to 35 feet long, 1.5 to 4 tons

Ekrixinatosaurus(meaning,explosion born lizard) was a large carnivorous dinosaur from South America, as it was thought to be the biggest abelisaurid known to date.Reaching lengths of up to 9 meters.In a research it showed it was the largest abelisaur but a research in 2016 showed that it averaged at 7.4 meters and the previous largest Carnotaurus to average at 7.8 meters.This research has put the crown of the largest abelisaur to Pycnonemosaurus. This large theropod was named when its remains were unearthed during an explosion.

Dangerous CompetitionEdit

100 million years ago in the Cretaceous period, Ekrixinatosaurus was a life-threatening monster in the swamps of southern Argentina, but it was far from safe. This dinosaur had to be wary of a contemporary, larger killer, a carcharodontosaurid named Giganotosaurus and Mapusaurus. Though, Ekrixinatosaurus could have been good competition for the carcharodontosaurid, as it would've been realistic if these two large carnivores fought. But it outcompeted giganotosaurus to extinction. Ekrixinatosaurus was 5 to 6 tons and Giganotosaurus 6-8 tons.Tyrannosaurus and Exrixinatosaurus would have been a challenge for eachother.
Ekrixinatosaurus-M Shiraishi


Hence its name, the bones of Ekrixinatosaurus has been discovered during a construction-related explosion. It was described in 2004 by Argentian paleontologist Jorge Calvo, and Chilean paleontologists David Rubilar-Rogers and Karen Moreno.