Draconyx (meaning "Dragon claw") is a Camptosaurid from the Late Jurassic of Portugal. It was found in 1991 and described by Octávio Mateus and Miguel Telles Antunes in 2001.

Material Edit

The holotype (ML 357) is a partial skeleton, lacking the skull. It consists of two maxillary teeth, three caudal centra, one chevron, a distal epiphysis of the right femur, the proximal and distal epiphyses of the tibia and fibula, an astragalus, a calcanaeum, three tarsals, four metatarsals and pedal phalanges. It was in 1991 found at Vale de Frades by Carlos Anunciação of the Museu da Lourinhã, in layers of the Bombarral Unit dating to the Tithonian.

A left femur (ML 434), found near Praia do Caniçal, has been referred to this taxon.


Holotype material (ML 357)

In Popular Culture Edit

Draconyx made a brief cameo in Dinosaur Revolution, where a pair is seen drinking from the water hole next to a Miragaia mother and baby.

Draconyx Dinosaur Revolution

Draconyx model from Dinosaur Revolution.


Draconyx's cameo in Dinosaur Revolution.

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