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The Cretaceous-Tertiary Transition, or the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary, is a mass extinction event that happened around 66.038 mya. It caused many fatalities to every single group but fish and amphibia. The pulpy animals and reptilians received the most damage. Mammals survived but 60% died out, including Nemegtebaar and Alphadon. There are many theories.


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  • Ornithischia, Sauropodomorpha
  • Thecodontosauria
  • Pterosauria
  • Plesiosauria, Pliosauria and Mosasauria

It's possible almost all Ammonites dissapeared.

Possible ExplainationEdit

66.038 mya, volcano activity started in India, an island at the time. It's chunks wiped out the Majungasaurus and the Rapetosaurus on Madagascar, and later, 65.95 mya, Masiakasaurus Knopfleri. The remaining Archosaurs (barring birds, caymanians and alligators) were then wiped out by a cometary abb and a climat change. Toxic flowers ruined the Hadrosaurs, mammals ate the eggs and spreaded a lethal malady. New land got created, making the summers and winters become heater and colder, respectively. This all was enough to destroy 75% of all live on earth. The Epoch of the Reptilians (330-64,2 mya) was over.