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Chilantaisaurus was a gigantic carnivore belonging to the Neovenatorid theropods. It was discovered in the Ulansuhai Formation in China and lived at the Late Cretaceous period. This colossus measured up to 12 meters (40 feet) in length, 5 meters (17 feet) and a mass of 6 tonnes. Though at first confused with Shaochilong due to superficial similarities, their size disparity soon cleared this mistake and while they both shared an ancestor to theropods like Allosaurus, carcharodontosaurids and neovenatorids are only very distantly related.

It likely fed upon very large herbivores, such as the therizinosaurid Nanshiungosaurus or even smaller predators such as the medium-sized carcharodontosaurid Shaochilong, which it would kill with its jaws and talons. Since its size and mass would only allow it to reach short bursts of high speed, it could have been an ambush predator or scavenger as well.

Its coloration and skin texture is unknown, but it could have been covered with scales and/or thin feathers and may have been brown, green or light blue in order to be able to cloak itself within the environment and effectively stalk unsuspecting prey as well as avoid unwanted attention from rivals.

Chilantaisaurus is very obscure among the general public. However, it appeared in the Japanese book You Are Umasou and its anime adaptation (namely the second episode) where it tries to eat the titular baby Ankylosaurus (calling him "delicious") only to be ward off by the main Tyrannosaurus character. Chilantaisaurus also appears in the film adaptation of the book, but it is erroneously depicted with bull-shaped horns instead of stubby horns like other carnosaurs. This caused some viewers to think it was a Carnotaurus, despite it beared little resemblance to the abelisaurid.


Chilantaisaurus from the You Are Umasou animated shorts

You Are Umasou Chilantaisaurus

Chilantaisaurus as it appears in You Are Umasou. Note the bull horns on its head

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