An artist's impression of Bothriolepis

Bothriolepis was an armoured fish from the late silurian and devonian period. Bothriolepis was about 30 cm long(12 inches) and probably fell pray to Dunkleosteus, which was about the size of a great white shark and could probably bite through bothriolepis's thick armour with its teeth. Bothriolepis like Dunkleosteus, were Placoderms, prehistoric armoured fish. Bothriolepis probably an omnivore, feeding on fish, algae, crabs and other small sea plants and animals. it probably died out during the end of the devonian along with many other fish and sharks including the dunkleosteus

Media Edit

A bothriolepis was featured in the movie "Ponyo" which was originally released in Japan, but was later released by Disney in America.

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