Name Bienosaurus
Order Ornithischia
Suborder Thyreophora
Class Scelidosauridae
Name Translation Crichton's Reptilian
Period Late Triassic, Jurassic (209-170 million years ago)
Location China
Diet Herbivore

Bienosaurus is a Scelidosaurid Thyreophoran from early Jurassic China.

Bienosaurus is one of the least known dinosaurs, along with Thescelosaurus and Scutellosaurus.

It's one of the two dinosaurs with three names, the other one is Microraptor

In MediaEdit

Bienosaurus' so far only appearance in a fictional story is a guest performal/cameo appearance in Dinosaurs: Bite of the Albertosaurus. He is seen next to the sepulchre of Michael Chrichton (who he is named after), author of the Jurassic Park Novelization, crying over his death, as well repining about not appearing in his books.

Bienosaurus Chrichtoni Comic

Bienosaurus Chrichtoni in the French adaption of Dinosaurs: Bite of the Albertosaurus