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Becklespinax (meaning "Beckle's spine" in Latin" was a Theropod dinosaur that lived about 100 million years ago in modern England. We still don't know what kind of Theropod this predator was - a Spinosaurid, Megalosaurid (basal Tetanuran) or Allosaurid. Whatever it was, it was specific and very developed predator.

Earlier discovered species, called Altispinax (known from tooth fragments and couple of vertebrae) is now officially synonimized with Becklespinax, making a new species - Becklespinax Altispinax. However, some paleontologists think that Altispinax did wasn't a Becklespinax species, but Acrocanthosaurus species.

Becklespinax is also known from very fragmentary remains, but these remains are absolutely enough for reconstruction. We know that Becklespinax had neural spines on his back, same as better-known Spinosaurus from Africa. These neural spines are actually elongated vertebrae, so, if they were bitten, dinosaur would be paralyzed, or even dead. Still, there's a speculation what these neural spines actually made. A hump - like this in modern bison, or a sail, like this in modern sailed chameleon. But, it's near certain that it's a hump, because neural spines were so thick and strong, so it would be absurd that they supported a thin layer of skin.

Main weapon of this predator were it's claws. Becklespinax would use them to fight his rivals, such a Neovenator or Baryonyx or kill his prey, such a Iguanodon.

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