Name Anchisaurus
Order Sauropodomorpha
Suborder Saurischia
Class Dinosauria
Name Translation Close lizard
Period Early Jurassic
Location North America
Diet Herbivore
Size 2.5m (8ft)

Anchisaurus (Close lizard) was one of the smaller prosauropods, and it had a small, slim snouted head, with ridged teeth for shredding leaves. It probably walked on all fours, but could have reared up on its back legs to feed. It appears in "When Dinosaurs Roamed America".

The first discovery of an Anchisaurus was made long before the first dinosaur discovery in North America. Anchisaurus was known as the earliest ancestor to sauropods.

Popular in CultureEdit

In Fantasia

Fantasia oviraptor

Fantasia Anchisaurus

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