Albertadromeus (Greek for "Alberta runner"); »pronounced al-BERT-ah-DRO-may-us« lived in Plains of North America It lived in the   Late Cretaceous (80-75 million years ago) and was about 1.5 m long. It ate plants and was small but had long hind legs. <p class="MsoNormal" style="background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;">The smallest ornithopod yet to be discovered in Canada's Alberta province, Albertadromeus only measured about five feet from its head to its slender tail and weighed as much as a good-sized turkey—which made it a true runt of its late Cretaceous ecosystem. In fact, to hear its discoverers describe it, Albertadromeus basically played the role of tasty hors d'oeuvre for much larger North American predators like the similarly named Albertosaurus. Presumably, this speedy, bipedal dinosaur was able to at least give its pursuers a good workout before being swallowed whole like a Cretaceous dumpling! <p class="MsoNormal">


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