Alaskan Therizinosaur

The Alaskan Therizinosaur is an ichnogenus of therizinosaurid dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period of Alaska. The first track of the species was found in Denali National Park in 2012, with several more tracks being found in the same area in 2013 and 2014. It is known for being the farthest north any evidence of therizinosaurs has ever been found. Its tracks were commonly found with those of hadrosaurs, showing the first track association of the two kinds of dinosaur ever found in North America. The tracks also suggest that Alaska could have been the land-bridge for dinosaurs migrating from Asia to North America, as therizinosaurs are known from both continents but are better known from Asia. The sediments and plant life found around the tracks suggest that the animal liked to live in a wet, marshy environment.